5 definitions by Cool Wayne

PT is short for Pussy Tapping
Person 1: Yo my girl is coming over tonight

Person 2: Huh so a little PT

Person 1: Of course dude...
by Cool Wayne March 25, 2007
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Gettin' high, fast and its feel Twenty Years until Midnight or next day
Yo man I was so high it felt Twenty Years 2 Midnight
by Cool Wayne August 26, 2006
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When a person has beef with another person, from another area, For example John Queens, NY and Mike Bed-Stuy, NY Then the beef takes place across town.
Mos: Whats Up Medina, Who givin' you static

Medina: Some fool from West

Mos: Word Up! Crosstown Beef
by Cool Wayne April 11, 2007
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1 of 2 Mc's from People Under the Stairs. Thes One was born Chris Portugal was born in Lima, Peru in 1977. Thes' Aliases are Thes One, Uncle Thester, Supreme One, Thessoterrorist, and Lord Radio.
Thes One's Verse from The Turndown: Yo, I think this time I've found a shorty for me
We talk a lot, take walks a lot, she doesn't bore me
In fact she won't ignore me when I'm speakin music matters
She's intelligent, fly style flatters
My own style, chickens scatter when she floats through the club
Child matters,
Love, I'm thinkin,
I met her one night drinkin, I suggested a show,
She walked up and said, "I know you
You're from the P-U, T-S, I think your name is Thes too,"
Would you like a soda, I'm underage
Slipped her my number, tipped away
And said give me a page later
In typical latin lady flavor she said "maybe,
??? que si" That's how it should be
And see she played me close, next night dinner,
The champagne toast, sunset pacific coast,
And mostwhile, everything to me was like tight groovy
Always a treat, man, she took me to the movies
Made love to beats, woke up and made me pancakes
And this point I knew my shit was land or lakes
Fellas, I might be in love but something's still not right,
We didn't fight but she didn't call me last night
She got mad loot, no jobs, and plus a high renter
Cellular phone to check the Pac Bell message center,
Which she does too much, and I'm really not with it
She tells me that she loves me so I guess I'm committed
by Cool Wayne August 26, 2006
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