Before recieving oral sex, one slightly bobs the penis up and down under the givers chin only to "Bewilder" the partner in the act.
Brandon, instead of giving me the pleasure of recieving the bewildered cock, please let me suck on it.
by Sean O August 23, 2006
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The event(s) in which a human that is attempting to distance them-self from another individual is called and screamed at multiple times. This is followed by multiple messages across various social networking sites and many phone calls and voicemails. Actual mail may also be received however this is rare. Following a short but enjoyed time span of blissful silence (1-2 days), the human receives a text from the individual in which the individual states they will leave the human alone. Immediately following this message the individual becomes overcome with a fit of insane hysteria and calls the human yet again to cry/yell some form of unidentifiable craziness and the process starts yet again.

Warning: Being bewilder-stalked may cause confusion in which the person is perplexed as to why the fuck their attention is required, as well as an intense feeling to drink a bottle of gin even if the individual doesn't drink. Other side effects include, but are not limited to, continual conscious effort to scan personal surroundings and/or peeking around tight turns to ensure the coast is clear.
Human 1 - "Dude, I'm being bewilder-stalked again. This shit is so strange."

Human 2- "Bro, that is fucking lame."
by krojas0 February 23, 2012
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Someone who is offended and shocked at something someone says or the outcome of a situation. butthurt, bewildered, offended, shocked, outraged, frustrated, caught off guard, blindsided, angry
I can't believe that John was so butthurt and bewildered that his girlfriend left him when he cheated on her.
by joecoolthefool September 8, 2016
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How a clueless city-slicker views any non-urban locale.
First-time camper: I got my country-cousin buddy to show me around da rural area where I was gonna be setting up my tent, so dat it would not be so much of a bewilderness to me.
by QuacksO December 25, 2021
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An emotional space in which you become hopelessly tangled, unable to see the trees, blind to the forest, wandering in circles, lost.
How had the relationship gone wrong? Could she have just trashed him? No, she must have meant... something else... because... words are only words, he can't be all of those things she called him... or any of them. After so many good times... and why was it getting dark so fast? He'd find his way out of the Bewilderness, in a day or a year. Maybe.
by Monkey's Dad September 10, 2022
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