A device used to smoke cannabis and make you crap your pants like a mother.
Hey dom, how about a beuge later? nah your not cool enough you mutha fuckin niglet.
by beefcakebong23432 May 21, 2008
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its the aussie slang way of saying bong (which is a water pipe for those who didn't know)
which is used for smoking cannabis and the word is mainly used in Melbourne.
"hey mate, hurry up and smoke that beuge!"

"That beuge really hit me, I'm getting high already... hahaha!"

"Can you pass the beuge?"
by ... -MONLAA- ... March 18, 2017
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ie; Rudi Mc Bueg as in rudi is a bueg lord. Defining the word beug
by bueg king February 05, 2020
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Australian terminology for bong/water pipe. Marijuana is what is used in a beug
“oi malakai cunt pack jack and josh a fat fucking beug
by Grandma Oonp May 24, 2021
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