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To be addicted to alcohol but not be an alcoholic. In the act of wanting, drinking, booting, or digesting a drink. Can also qualify as being extremely hungover, meaning your still drunk after many hours of not drinking, have a pounding headache and are to sick to get up to get water without booting. Usually a person who is bergin, is in a situation where they are in blackout or wanting to blackout. To truely successfully berg you must be talked about by others as the fuckn man the morning after. Most who truely berg are respected among university and high school students as rolemodels. Amatures can not berg, berging takes years of practice and determination. Common questions while "pre-gaming" or the the morning after are "Hows your berg?" or "You Bergin Yet?". The act of bergin can never be truely defined, its like being hammered mentally, but being physically and emotionally sound. The act of bergin can never be ignored. People who are bergin stick out in a crowd like an obese chick trying to dance.
Im bergin hard
by chanceman1 March 06, 2011
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