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10 pounds worth of marijuana half of this is known as a jax, and 2 benners is an eighth. This is word is mainly used in East London and a benners is commonly known as a 'tens' in west london.
You wanna come wiv me to pick up a benners?
by ReZa October 21, 2004
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(v)-the act of texting a female after 2 a.m. asking if they want to cuddle.
Hey, did you hear that Dan is gunna Benner Ashley tonight by asking if she wants to lay down and watch a movie?
by sprtsman63 July 26, 2012
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may have once sported the Bieber, can rock out Beyonce's Halo on command
Rise Sir Benners of Boston!
by DCyo! April 05, 2011
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“Benners” is a term used by inhabitants of Liverpool for Nike Air Max 95s (also called 110s in Liverpool).
“Heavy benners them lad”
Yer man got them the other week yeno the score”
by StephenTheDevilFrenchman September 19, 2020
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