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A benicio is a really nice person!! They may be short sometimes but get tall eventually!! A really cute guy,who is really amazing and nice. You can count on him when u need him the most!! A Benicio has always got your back and will never let you down. He will do anything for the woman he loves or the people he cares about the most. A Benicio is dependable and determined to do whatever it takes. If you find a Benicio never let him go cuz u will regret it!!
Hey who was that?!
Hes really cute...
I know right!
by Weirdo.mafia.123 June 30, 2016
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awesome friend, super gentleman, exactly what a girl looks for in a guy, such and amazing person that will always be there for you
benicio is such a gentleman
by noracacananana March 18, 2017
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A Benicio is a very sexy dude. He is so sexy that his butt looks good. He has an amazing personality and will always be a good friend. He my be small but will definitely get taller. He is a ladies man and will always be loyal. He may self absorbent but he will always care. He is the good friend you would never want to lose.
Benicio is so sexy
by bobbyIOI April 20, 2018
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A piece of gay shit that nobody likes. Can also be called "cheese baby" or "jabba the hutt". He rubs cheese all over his body and is the most disgusting creature you will ever meet.
by fuckboi125 August 15, 2016
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