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noun. describes the result when a large volume of melted cheese is consumed (eg: at a fondue party) before being washed down with cold lager, causing the cheese to solidify into a hard mass inside the host's stomach.
Mrs shovelbottom, we have diagnosed the problem; you have a cheese baby, or 'infantia casues' as it is known in medical circles
by moominX June 28, 2010
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Describes a male who doesn't wash under his foreskin! Originally was used by the Afro-Caribbean community to describe new arrivals from the Caribbean whose hygiene wasn poor.
When describing someone with poor hygiene: "cheese baby".
by henrybovis July 25, 2006
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A person who deletes their shitty, incorrect takes on Twitter
After Georgia completed their comeback in the Rose Bowl, Nick deleted all of his Pro-Oklahoma tweets like a total cheese baby.
by Cheese baby January 03, 2018
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