the most beautiful guys have this last name. particularly those who are mixed, very curly hair, tall and handsome. i had a guy with this last name and i lost him, so if you ever get a bello or you are talking to a mr bello, dont lose him
aaliya: who are u talking to all the time i swear u guys never stop snapping

me: Mr bello
by noonewilleverknowxo July 5, 2023
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A nickname given to a man with impecable looks, witty comebacks, guido style, HUGE muscles and who is commonly from an Italian decent. A short nickname that is given by one's paesans to he who is needed in such settings: a crowded nightclub, the line outside of that crowded nightclub, in a bar when ordering numerous drinks for rowdy Americans, on a guestlist where a catchy name is needed for those to remember when they are half in the bag and want to have a good time, in the bedroom with some whure, and in the gym when you casually see him flex.
::pronounced in a NY/italian/bronx tale accent::

"YO! BEL-LO!!!! I got dees broads ova heah, dey're fuh-kin bootiful, not fo nottin, but they ain't got id's. I'm tryin ta get one of dem on my brasciole heah, you wanna help me out and get dem inside the club comped? i'm tryin ta make a good impression, ya kno what i mean huh ::gives a witty punch to the shoulder and pops colar::"
by Booshe April 14, 2005
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The blending of the words "hello" and "bye" due to confusion and lack of preparedness in the setting of one saying goodbye to you when you are meeting them for the first time.
Suzanne: "Goodbye Robb"

Robb: "Bello"
by John Hatch April 18, 2008
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Bello is a mushroom. A talking mushroom...
Julie: "Hey Bello, how's it going?"

Bello: "Not too bad."
by Simon April 13, 2004
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The way the minions in Despeciple Me say hi or hello
Gru: How's it going Bob
Bob(minion): Bello
by ShadowReadGamer February 27, 2016
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If you have this last name, I want to be your best friend. Bello's are literally amazing, I've only met one in like Grade Eight and they were so kind. I regret losing contact with them.
The Bello girl: How are you doing? How are you feeling? Wanna get food? Should we play something?

Me: I'm good, thanks for asking I guess?
by jasmine yUh February 17, 2022
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