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The most horrid, terifying term in the history of anime dubs.
Derrived from dattebayo by a sick, twisted dub comapny in order to subject children to mind control via lame sayings.

In short: "Dattebayo" is a cool way to end a sentance. "Believe it" is not.
"I'm Naruto uzumaki, and I'm gonna become the best Hokage ever, believe it!"
"I WILL be Hokage, just you wait! Dattebayo!"
by Narutarded September 16, 2006
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by Gypsiehood97 December 30, 2017
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The ultimate and highest confirmation of truth. Coined by Naruto, who says it at the end of every other sentence.
The admins over at my boards just sporked their own mods for no reason, believe it!
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In my honest opinion, the most annoying phase. It is used by the main character of the anime/manga Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki. The phase is more often used in the first arc of the original Naruto anime, but scares off people who haven't watched the anime. It is only used in the English dubs. Narutards use the phase at the end of sentences, like the hero of the anime, Naruto.
...Meanwhile, in an anime forum...

*Person 1 is posting on a Death Note area*

Person 1: I'm gonna be Kazekage! Believe it!

Person 2: STFU. Go back to your Naruto area.

Person 1 got warned once by Person 2. Reason: For being off-topic in the Death Note area. Please, if you want to join the Narutards, go to the Naruto area. There's role plays waiting to be joined.
by MisaTange July 09, 2009
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A very common phrase used in the naruto series and gets pretty fucking annoying.
by I will be Hokage November 20, 2019
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English Naruto dub's awesome and splendid translation of Naruto's catchphrase (dattebayo in Japanese). Many hardcore anime people complain that it is stupid and unfaithful to the original, but do not realize that leaving Japanese terms in an English dub is foolish and defeats the purpose of dubbing.
DUB-"Did I say believe it!? Well, BE-LIEVE IT!"

NON-DUB-"Did I say dattebayo? Well, DATTE-BAYO"
by Simon of the Desert May 20, 2007
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