the act of being stupid includes messing around sexually around you or your other friends with someone they all like, something that pisses you off to the extent of wanting to kill someone
guy 1: hey, are they being stupid

guy 2: yea all over the place

guy 1: they suck, hey when i get there we will just leave
by haha onetooth February 18, 2009
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Joey from the show “Joey” is balls including a different Joey who only talks about balls
by September 4, 2021
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One the smartest lines on modern cinema, asked by the ultra-witty character Vanessa (canadian actress Ellen Page) in the movie "Smart People" to two iconic-moronic slutty teenagers.

The right question to ask, in most situation, when dealing with run-of-the-mill people.
"My stand on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill?... Ok... What is it like being stupid?
by rperazag July 27, 2010
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