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Beggie takes the stress out of the common use of the 5 syllable noun, Bacon & Egg Roll.
With a noun that rolls so well off the tongue, it can be used with many more additional phrases.
Example: The "Beggie Burtha" is a creation to replicate the, Bacon & Egg Roll with extra bacon, egg & hash-brown.
Think of the time saved.
That Beggie is bloody beautiful.
Lets go get some Beggies for breaky.
Marge, go fetch me a Beggie Bertha.
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by Sam Poochutie February 14, 2018
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A portmanteau of Betty and Reggie from Archie comics. Fans of Betty Cooper and Reggie Mantle shipping them romantically, the comic finally made them canon and official couple.

Sometimes 'Breggie' is also used.
"Beggie is my true OTP."
by hanitje February 25, 2012
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