A variation of the term "bullshit" or "b-s". b-eggs stands for bacon and eggs, which in place of bullshit, is both politicaly correct and not insulting to squimish retards and small children.
"Hey man, I just saw your World Religions mark. It's 26%!"
"Oh thats b-eggs!"
by Armando Mancini November 25, 2007
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verb. to prepare for something which is highly unlikely with unwarranted detail.

adjective. a person or object which is ingenious having created a solution for an issue which is not currently a problem.

noun. a person who is at all times prepared for the highly unlikely.

"I need to get beggs for a zombie invasion by stockpiling industrial glowsticks."

"My nightvision aviators are beggs."

"I understand there might be a time when you need all that stuff on your belt but it makes you look like a beggs."
by BossKitty January 15, 2011
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Ayyyy mannn, whatcha had fo' breakfast? I done had me sum' beggs!
by Urban Dicktionhairy November 12, 2016
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"Man, I could smash down some beggs right now."

"Does anywhere do beggs this late at night?"
by adrenergy July 14, 2013
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another name for a pimp who also happens to carry crack in his ass.
Person 1: That guy is such a beggs.
Person 2: True that.
by Tinggg December 03, 2010
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