A woman who’s candy still tastes like dirt after you wash it off and eat it.
We call her sugar beet cause she’s like candy that you drop and wash off but still tastes like dirt.
by Totally Legal Alien June 9, 2022
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Synonym for a man's (not woman's) testicles.
The penis is okay--I just don't know what to do with his sugar beets.
by Shelbicious2010 February 7, 2014
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The feeling of absolute disgust after you’ve consumed a large meal, or hit up Panda Express for the 4th time this week.
Oh God I need to lay down, I’ve got the beets.
by BeetsTheMeats October 9, 2018
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A slang that Spikewing once used and now she regrets it
by Spikewing September 24, 2019
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