Cleaner version of bitch . Used around childern and older adults .
Mom ! She called me a b-word !
by Courtney December 21, 2003
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Friend: Are you gonna eat that b-word?
Friend 2:What !,No! Im not gonna eat that bitch !
Friend :No , I mean are you gonna eat that banana .
by Haha224 June 25, 2020
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Well known verbal abbreviation of the word "bitch", but also a highly efficient financial management system called "The B Word" with the B meaning budget.
Are you afraid of The B Word?
by Lee February 26, 2005
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The B-Word this means boyfriend. It is used solely in conversations with females you, are attracted to and mistakenly think are attracted to you. You talk for a period of time and all of her references are of her doing things on her own or with friends.

Then just as you are about to make the move, she says something out of the blue like...."Hey, cool trainers, my boyfriend has some like those"

Or if you have inadvertently scared her "Hey cool trainers, i think my boyfriend has the same ones. He'll be along shortly, you can compare".
Yeah i thought i was well in, till she dropped the b-word on me..
by Long Kong Phooey November 17, 2018
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1.) a non profane way of saying bitch
2.) a phrase used to refer to any words starting with b to indicate a stronger connotation
3.) in the context of an airport of any government security checkpoint, the b word can and does refer to bomb
dude! tommy just got pulled out and arrested for saying the b word!
no! bomb! it was at the airport!
oh shit...
by UM North Quad March 06, 2011
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"Bigger" is the b-word. As is the case with the n-word, you should try to avoid saying the actual b-word.
A: "One of the bigger scandals in the Trump presidency was his alleged use of the n-word."
B: "Excuse me!? Did you just really say the b-word? Oh my god!"
A: "Yes, I said it. And I'll say it again! Bigger bigger bigger!"
B: "Jesus Christ!" *faints*
by Weeger August 18, 2018
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The b word can mean a lot of things

1- bitch

2- boyfriend

3- baby

4- bikini bottom
5- bye

These words all start with a b

If you think I’m wrong then you’re a b. You decide which one I mean
That b word made my sandwich wrong!!!

I just saw my b word hug another chick!!! He’s so dead!!!

Spongebob lives in the b word

If I walk out that door, I’m not saying the b word
by xx.yung.dagger.dick.xx July 27, 2018
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