Her scrabble win was hinged on final placement of the word beepy.
by fidmurphy October 2, 2013
Someone who likes to beep a lot.
"She's so beepy," said the girl.
by Kyle Reddell November 13, 2006
a beepy is a mild honky. they partially possess the characteristics of a honky, but can be sweet, loving and caring sometimes too. a beepy also likes to have sex like a car passing through a neighbourhood with a 20 km/h speed limit, while a honky gets it done like "vroom vroom!" on a race track.
maytham is the biggest honky on earth! goshdammit!
really? i don't know about that, he seems more like a beepy. he gave me brownies yesterday.
by fatb8tch July 31, 2019
A word clean enough for EA's user agreement.
Carl: It's your fault if you think beepis is a dirty word because it is, by definition, clean enough for EA's user agreement.
by BilliamShakesbeer December 30, 2020
if you don’t shut your mouth i’ll touch your beepis
by bigbeepisbrad November 26, 2018
"Yo I heard he has a beepis"
"I got a beepis too"
by Sipeeb May 31, 2021