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"You're tearing me apart, Lisa!" is the official motto of the cucks. It is from the best worst film "The Room". You're the fiancee of a thot named Lisa who's in love with your best friend, Mark. Mark and Lisa big bang each other, and you become officially cucked. This is how Lisa tears you apart. You thought you were the only person who fucks her belly button and can see her tiddies, but you were wrong, cuck.
thottie lisa: "i can't talk right now."
tommy: "why lisa, WHY LISA? please talk to me, PLEASE. you're part of my life, you are everything, i could not go on without you lisa."
thottie lisa: "you're scaring me."
tommy: "you're lying, I NEVER HIT YOU! YOU'RE TEARING ME APART, LISA!"
by fatb8tch July 20, 2019
a venithot is a curry nigga who pretends to be a white thot. she often listens to taylor swift and drinks tall, nonfat lattes from starbucks so that she feels whiter.
*jeff enters a starbucks and sees a brown girl wearing a crop top and crocs, drinking a nonfat latte, and head banging to "trouble" by taylor swift*
jeff: "that is the biggest venithot i have ever seen"
by fatb8tch July 10, 2019
a beepy is a mild honky. they partially possess the characteristics of a honky, but can be sweet, loving and caring sometimes too. a beepy also likes to have sex like a car passing through a neighbourhood with a 20 km/h speed limit, while a honky gets it done like "vroom vroom!" on a race track.
maytham is the biggest honky on earth! goshdammit!
really? i don't know about that, he seems more like a beepy. he gave me brownies yesterday.
by fatb8tch July 31, 2019