Beek is a word that can be used as a noun.

As a noun, it can be used as a synonym for "Dude" or "Bro" or even the occasional "Homie".

This allows the user a wide range of contexts in which the word can be used. This form of free range allows for the word Beek to be used in both a derogatory manner and a complimentary manner. In a derogatory manner, Beek replaces whatever curse word that the user might have previously called that individual. In the complimentary manner the word Beek replaces whatever the individual might call another individual. (Honey, Sweetie, etc...)
by darkowl63 March 23, 2017
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Burger king. the fast food holy Grail.

Peng sporting nourishment. Stonerlicious.
Nate: wana beek?
by Bleeeeeeeb October 8, 2011
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Term popularized by men at Howard University to mean any type of sexual contact. Beek can be anything from twerking on someone at a party to having sex. It encompasses any kind of sexual activity.
Person 1: I got beek from her last night.
Person 2: What did y'all do? Was it just kissing or did you fuck?
by greentea56 September 1, 2019
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To cuss, chirp or trash-talk each other, mainly used in sports by players.
Kid 1: "You're a pussy!"
Kid 2: "Solid beek"


James: "Hey Ref, you've been goofing around all night, get outta here you prick!"
Pat: "James has been beekin' all night"
by ethic May 6, 2009
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beekes used informally in Scotland liturally means like.
dunno beekes. would mean don't know like or i disagree
by Steven Chadwick March 16, 2006
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The sound of thunder this afternoon made me beeked.
by Beekmaster September 23, 2010
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He's relaxing today after the overtime win yesterday, he's beeking it tonight.
by TerrenceFranklin6 December 27, 2014
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