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someone who creates fights, drama, "beef," (see beefer definition 3)
Man! Did you hear about all the drama that beefa just caused?!
by totomorrow72 November 23, 2007
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a homefrizzle that you beez keepin it real wit but that beefs alot, a.k.a. someone who you don't hate and are reppin', but that complains, gets on your nerves, causes drama
Why you gotta be such a beefa!
by yonella4eva November 23, 2007
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Abbreviated name for Ibiza, the legendary party island!
I cannot wait to get out my nut in Beefa next week, gonna be buck wild ibiza
by CaptainZoro85 May 21, 2015
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a really sexy girl...who is white on the outside but black on the inside!
yo beefa get low get low get low get low!
by LoBurrows October 23, 2006
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having a dream where you are rolling down a hill with your head up your ass
and waking up all wet
i had the worst beefa ever last night
by B.J. Hooka April 23, 2008
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A derogatory term for a black man, usually a "House Nigger" in the early 1800's that was responsible for cleaning the cattle after death.
"Gather some other niggers with you beefas and get them there cows ready for aging steaks."
by Johnny Two Toes Knows February 08, 2013
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