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a ship with absolutely no development, that occured offscreen. they met in a cage, and was only created because bellamy was lonely in space and didnt have clarke...
“Did you see the becho scene last night.”

“Yeah, I almost threw up...”
by ur mom geiy August 09, 2018
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Ugliest piece of shit Jason rothenberg has ever created (yes I know hard to believe cuz he makes a whole lotta shit) aka a ship with NO CHEMISTRY. honestly Bellamy doesn’t even like that bitch. Like echo is an all time low for bellamy. She TrIeD TO kILL UR sisTER AND SHE ACTUALLY KILLED UR OLD GF (rip Gina deserved better) so yeah. In a nutshell becho is ugly af and you’d best believe I’m suing if bellamy doesn’t ditch her ass.
What’s becho?
Good question. But I won’t answer it. Because IT MAKES ME WANT TO FUCKING CUT MY ARM OFF
oh okay
by Blessingbellarke August 30, 2018
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Is a shitty ship and only a obstical for bellarke #bellarkeendgame really Bellamy she killed Gina #justice for Gina
Becho sex is nasty
by Bellarke4ever June 15, 2018
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A quality ship that some toxic Bellarker bitches will not destroy. They met in a cage and grew in fucking chemistry from there, the only better ship is def Murphamy lol.
These toxic bellarkers are so pissed about Becho, they’d actually be willing to ruin an actor’s career.
by The Tea Spiller January 08, 2019
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The top definition of enemies to lovers. Met in a cage, hated each other for four seasons, went up to space together and came back lovers. We never saw their development but we know it’s the one to go down in the history books, soulmates. Will be endgame, and NOT a stepping stone for bellarke. That ship sunk when this sailed, and Echo is Bellamy’s family.
“Did you see the becho scene last night?”
“Yes, there was so much chemistry!”
by bechokru July 30, 2018
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