the girls tramp around with their skirts rolled up and their fake louis vuitton bags slapping against their flat asses. look at any of the girls’ instagrams, all of them diagnosed with a severe case of scoliosis, trying to copy that girl off britains got talent from 2016. the boys are clapped, thinking their roadmen when in actual fact, even then county lines don’t want them, you’ll often come across members of the wickford bike squad through the narrow hallways, often barricaded by mr lidd— (nvm) fat ass. the girls, such as amaylia dayle, megain edwads, brooklain bison and slaggie brown are prime examples of the scoliosis “gerls” parading profoundly through the hallways. the fights are dead and so are the pupil’s brain cells.
beauchamps is an absolutely disgusting school full of gypsies.
by beauchampsisshit May 14, 2019
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after reading girly magazines you ask your girlfriend to frolic and fray the eskimo way via her finger in your asshole AKA the Beauchamp
after a nice glass of cold milk and a cookie dough balance bar my girlfriend Beauchamped me till i cried
by Al from Home Improvement September 01, 2008
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The act of clogging or overflowing a toilet with toilet paper or tissue due to an obsessive compulsive desire for genital cleanliness.
Man, I can't believe you beauchamped my toilet.
Don't let Vanessa use your rest room; she will beauchamp your toilet.
by Sophie the cat September 25, 2013
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Beauchamps is a school in Essex . Many of the girls are stunning but also many look like a hippo. All the boys wear fake stone island and act like road men .
Oh u go Beauchamps , sad
by Ya girl shazza January 27, 2019
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a prep thats thinks he is above everyone else and thinks he is god. Talks a lot of shit and bitches and complains about everything in the world that doesn't meet his standards
That guy is such a Marcel Beauchamp. He's such a douche
by Redunderoathx June 16, 2011
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The 'best' college in the grubby town of Oadby. Renowned for its high grades, scabby individuals, groups of notorious 'hard kids', and vast quantities of grebs.
Man: "You go to Beauchamp College?"
Greb: "Yeah I do dwell in its darkest corners"
Man: "I feel sorry for you"
by urfavouritegreb April 10, 2015
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