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Self-gratification. The act of "playing" with your genitals, for sexual excitement/pleasure; usually to orgasm.

Can also be accompanied by watching/reading/listening to arousing material e.g Porn, films, novels...

No matter what your gender/age/race, people masturbate. Some people do it everyday and more, some people do it when they don't have a sexual partner (these people are in the minority).

Female: Either stroking/rubbing, caressing (vigorously or not) the clitoris, or using long, phallic like objects to insert inside the vagina, and rubbing it back and forth.

Male: Stroking, rubbing, caressing, apparently also 'slapping' the erect penis.
I started masturbating since when 12 (yeah, I'm sure you wanted to know that) since then I have masturbated at least once a day, I am female.
by Na May 6, 2004
mmmmmmm Na. Na is a word tht you use to taunt people. mmmmmmmmm Na.
mmmmmm Na can be used in such answers from the questions Are you my friend. mmmmmmm Na. U cryin . Did i get you.
by Na April 21, 2005
Paterson NJ. Underage Alcohol, Drugs and prostitution ad topless bars can be found here.

Neighboring town to Shag-Lawn
I need to get a 8th take me to P-Town.
by Na November 17, 2003
A white guy who dates (fucks) a Japanese chick and makes all the little Japanese men jealous.
I'm 38 and still jerking off because of the wapanese.
by Na November 27, 2004
A region that is under Europe, part of North Africa and the beginning of Asia, but is neither African nor Asian or European.
by Na January 10, 2004
The Day when your Mother does an excruciatingly painful thing which is called giving birth.
Respect yo momma coz u wouldn't be here today if she hadn't given birth to you.
by Na January 21, 2004