You call your mom/dad to hurry and come to you. Meanwhile you try to masterbate as fast as you can until you cum. You mostly beat the cock to beat the clock. Its really intense!!
by fuckster flags April 3, 2010
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A phrase often used as a comeback to catch someone off gaurd.
Bob: You're a Shit Fucker!
Bill: Shut Up! I'LL BEAT YOUR COCK IN!!!
by Spencer Tubbs August 7, 2006
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Expression used to describe vigourous acts of masturbation with no regard for possible reprecussions such as friction burns or wanker's cramp.
Shlonglinator: I've got an awful horn. Think I'm going to head home and beat my cock like a ginger stepchild

Lads: You mean meeting gemma......
by Elburno September 20, 2009
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