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all these made up definitions are ridiculous. the only definition bear claw is a fucking pastry.
bear claw is just a fucking donut.
by youarewho February 23, 2009
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The effect tight pants have on a man, making his genitalia appear like a bear's claw. Whereas a woman would have a camel toe, a man would have a bear claw.
Did you see Frank's bear claw last night? It was disgusting.

Frank better buy a size larger next time. He may inadvertently produce a bear claw.
by mrbufo October 10, 2005
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While recieving a blowjob, a man uses his hands to push the woman's head further down his JOHNSON. This is repeated in a sex-like motion.
"It's ok, need to fear the bearclaw"
by Mike Seegs March 18, 2007
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To take a large portion or the majority of the food that was intended for the entire group (usually as a result of being drunk or a fatty in the group).
"Dude, Eric just bearclaw'd the shit out of that pizza. What a dick!"

"You see the way she's bearclawing those nachos??? She's going to dutch oven the entire room!"
by ZfromGV85 December 14, 2011
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When a guy is doing a woman from behind and is taking too long to finish (whisky dick). After a prolonged period of boredom and frustration the woman eventually becomes enraged (like a mama bear defending her cub). She then reaches between her legs and squeezes his sack as hard as she can until either he finishes or escapes.
Barry had total whisky dick last night and took forever. I finally had to give him the bear claw.
by Beer Poo November 03, 2011
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When a dude puts his hand behind a chick's head and forces her face down on his crotch. Then, she mouthafies his wang.
I was getting horny and that bitch was pissing me off, so I bearclawed her.
by SkizzMizz November 12, 2004
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Smearing shit under the toilet seat, so when someone has to take a piss and lift the seat, they get shit all over their hands. As a result, they lift their hand up towards their face with fingers spread apart and release a huge growl of shock and anger.
Jimโ€™s wife was so pissed after finding out she sat on the toilet seat that he buck-shotted. In her moment of rage, she decided to retaliate with a bear claw.
by Tommy Chips July 13, 2018
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