the food of the gods. made by bald martin himself for his retarded step-son Morgan Hudson. EPIC
and for you Morgan... It's beans and burgers
by legitbaldmartinonyt September 23, 2019
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A special Bob's Burgers burger that comes with beans
"Hey Bob, what's the burger of the day?" "It's the Bean Spirit Burger, you should try it!"
by America Lover 🇺🇸 November 17, 2018
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A bean burger is a joke referring to the vagina. The bean referring to the clitoris and the burger referring to the labia. It is most commonly used to offend someone (usually a girl) by saying they like bean burgers and therefore saying they are a lesbian.
'Hey Ashley'

'Hey Michael'

'So what's up? Do you still like bean burgers or can we hook up?'
by Pollypants1 March 23, 2014
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Beans and burgers blended and it’s the retard himself(morgz)’s favourite drink! (apart from his mums booby milk of course)
baldy: do you want some bean burger juice morgan?
morgan: yes daddy, i do.
by meecrowahvey December 31, 2021
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1. A burger with a patty made from beans
2. A lighter term for an idiot or stupid person
1. I’m having a bean burger for dinner tonight.

2. You absolute bean burger!
by underscore that September 17, 2023
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When a woman is looking to eat out a man's ass, but only prefers men who are of African American and/or Hispanic/Latino background.
Used in a sentence: "Damn, that brother has got some serious behind. That's a juicy black bean burger!"
by Jenningswriter March 25, 2017
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