homosexual male that is only attracted to latino guys
Whitey is trying to hookup with Carlos of course, because he's a bean queen.
by Erik November 9, 2004
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a girl that is known for farting a lot.
What's that smell?!!? Oh, it must be that bean queen Chyna again. She's always dropping bombs. You can smell her coming!
by sizlut May 27, 2005
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An internet celebrity title established in the "Things Filled With Beans, That Shouldn't Be" Facebook group, whereby the person in question took part in a photoshoot in a bean field. She was then elevated to legume royalty.

This eventual fallout resulted in a half-naked massage therapist announcing his departure, thus being dubbed the Bean King.
"Long live the Bean Queen. The Queen of Beans!"

"Goddamnit I'm so sick of Bean Queen being overshared. It's not funny anymore. I'm out. Bye guys."
by HarbingerOfBeans January 7, 2022
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The female version of a Soy Boy. Generally has lesbian leanings and is a vegan. No assertiveness and can usually be found apologising and cowering in the corner.
I need someone to look after my dog on New Years Eve. I’ll ask Jenny, she won’t say no she’s a scared little bean queen.
by davebogroll October 14, 2020
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A bean queen is a girl that tends to have a preference for Hispanic sexual partners.
by Brittney April 22, 2004
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A fierce-fab over-weight Latino gay man.
Did you see that Jelly Bean Queen in the Justin Bieber half-shirt at the Flea Market? He's a total Jelly Bean Queen.
by Miles-Long-Dever-CO January 28, 2011
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The ugly white slab found in a can of beans.
Jennifer: What's that in my can of beans?
S.J.C.: The queen bean.... and all the other beans are the worker beans that serve her.
by boxofmatches December 21, 2011
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