Bitches be crazy.

If the person who said BBC isn’t a funny guy with a Saint Francis haircut (if you know you know) and is almost bald, this person is fake af.
*Girl trips on her gown as she yells at her boyfriend for eating one more nacho than her*
Funny man with that haircut:”BBC ”
by Yuuuup(ifyouknowyouknow) May 03, 2021
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Big Black Cock.

Referring to an afroamerican's penis
Girl: "i fucked Dave last night"
Girl2: "is he the one with the bbc?"
by hipret May 06, 2018
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Where a woman goes for only big black cock and not for the development or

for looks or love or happiness.
"I love BBC!"
"It doesnt love you"
by TruthBeTold3 January 06, 2021
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