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A second phone used for important call only. Businessmen who get a lot of phone calls will often carry a second cell phone and only give it to certain people. Ari Gold carries a bat phone with him.
Now I have to answer the fucking batphone when it rings three fucking times and its fucking Vince.
by Entourage fan June 12, 2009
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A second phone used for talking to girls beside a wife, fiance or steady girlfriend.
I just bought a Tracphone aka "a Bat Phone" from Walmart so I won't get caught by my wife talking to this chick.
by SavageNation June 03, 2009
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Your secret phone ... the one your significant other doesn't know about. Its your down-low-got-a-chick-on-the-side phone!
"Your phone is ringing."

"That's my bat phone... must be a booty call; wifey calls on the main phone!.... Hello? Hey baby. Sure, same bat time, same bat place? See you soon."
by RikkiPG December 04, 2007
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Noun- a man or woman you can call on short notice for a hookup, similar to a booty call. The word derives from the phone Commissioner Gordon could use to contact Batman any time of the day or night.
"I'm pretty hard up tonight. I better call the batphone."
by Dean Garrett August 10, 2005
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