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Vincent Chase's agent in HBO's Entourage played by Jeremy Piven.

One of the coolest people on the planet.
"Fuck you Ari Gold." - Eric Murphy, Vincent's manager
by Ernest Hemingway November 24, 2008
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1. A girl that the speaker knows well, and admires greatly. (Referring to the beautiful and kind hearted nature of a Marigold flower)

- A kind, sweet, caring and all-round nice girl.

- A beautiful girl.

- A smart, yet modest and kind girl.

2. A girl of whom the speaker loves, often for not simply her beauty(of which she is blessed) but for her personality and kindness.

3. A girl who loves the people around her with no judgement - non judgemental girl.

- An anti-Discriminatory, understanding girl.
1. Yeah, the sweet cailin, she's an 'arigold, bless her.

2. I love her, she's my 'Arigold.

3. I thought she'd never talk to me again, turns out, she's quite the 'arigold.
by Brayden Guilford December 30, 2018
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