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meaning both kinky and slightly dirty, the first use of this word I encountered was in the "Tank Girl 2" graphic novel.
"- Oh Booga you dumb shit, can't you feel that immense rush of sexual healing?..

- Oooh?! Yes that is rather batey! Oooooh? AAH!..."
by k3ik0 February 24, 2005
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A rather posh, old-fashioned way of expressing someone's unhappiness. The closest equivalents would be CROSS or MAD.
From the Derek & Clive album "Ad Nauseam" (1978) :

Oh, gosh! 'Oh! I'm done for!' I thought: 'Crumbs! If I go to Sir's study he'll get jolly BATEY and probably do all sorts of things'. And when we got in there he said, "I'm jolly cross with you .....for looking at, at Wiggins playing with his willy!"
by CrazyToad August 05, 2018
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Batey, meaning obvious trick or prank, the person that falls for a 'batey' is gullable or niave, in my personal experience they are usually fat or spotty.
'To fall for a Batey' meaning to fall for an obvious prank or trick.
by JA1 December 17, 2007
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A kid with a HUGE nose and a prepubescent girlfriend who eats things that don't belong to her, and has been known to lay a Jew egg or two from time to time.
The other day, I ran into Batey, and his Jewish Girlfriend stole my jewelry.
by Shawn Batey August 01, 2007
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If someone I'd doing something risky or too obvious.
Dan: "We can smoke a bong and a few J's here."
George: "Nah that's batey as fuck."
by Sa-Fire December 13, 2014
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