Grog: Booga BONG!!!

Kringrop: Booga?
by FunkyBigSauce September 5, 2022
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The result of a process by taking a small rice shaped portion of Full Spectrum RSO that is then rolled in keef until heavily covered, or the size of a pea. Preferably placed on top of a bowl of marijuana and smoked.
“Hey, let’s make a booga and smoke!”
“Wanna load a booga in this bowl?”
by Dr. Micah Master Bates June 20, 2020
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The term "Booga" is used in "booga language" by highly intelligent, professional individuals. Booga language is primarily written and hardly spoken because of its complex structure. Take the first letter of a word and place it at the end. Then add "booga" as the finishing touch. It was founded by Dr. JoMer of the National Institute of Boogacity (pronounced boog-ocity). Use with caution. Others with inferior intellectual capacity will not understand this language and will become engraged with jealousy.
ibooga mabooga rdbooga oMerJbooga ndabooga histbooga sibooga ymbooga anguagelbooga.
by Dr. JoMer November 28, 2007
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A word to replace the n-word when your white
Wasuup my booga you doing good Tyrone
by Soopscrub June 29, 2019
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A philosophy of life: to "Relax, it's your Right as a Human Being", "Simplify your Life" and enjoy!
Let's Booga.
Once a Booga, Always a Booga.
by Pat Ahner May 24, 2008
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exlcamation used to startle and confuse others into submission. Not to be used with any other word in a sentence.
Booga! Ya Died!
by AgentUnderscore_ May 7, 2003
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