Random word that lets people know you exist. A replacement for a breath.
Creed69: Booga ^_^

ThugDawg87: YaY! :)
by Mark Lenington January 27, 2004
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The term "Booga" is used in "booga language" by highly intelligent, professional individuals. Booga language is primarily written and hardly spoken because of its complex structure. Take the first letter of a word and place it at the end. Then add "booga" as the finishing touch. It was founded by Dr. JoMer of the National Institute of Boogacity (pronounced boog-ocity). Use with caution. Others with inferior intellectual capacity will not understand this language and will become engraged with jealousy.
ibooga mabooga rdbooga oMerJbooga ndabooga histbooga sibooga ymbooga anguagelbooga.
by Dr. JoMer November 28, 2007
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An overweight black female who is dolled up to extreme measures. Having multi colored hair, revealing clothes, and outrages amounts of clothing accessories. Usually seen walking/standing outside night clubs or 24 hour wataburgers with other Boogas.
hey Boogas looking good!
by Ariel Bender October 24, 2007
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exlcamation used to startle and confuse others into submission. Not to be used with any other word in a sentence.
Booga! Ya Died!
by AgentUnderscore_ May 07, 2003
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