smelly coochie that absolutely reaks like an overused hair tie
yo bro your cleats smell fucking batcher man
by failedstudent69 January 19, 2019
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An unlicensed tattoo artist with a knowledge, talent and standard of cleanliness that rivals, matches or even surpasses that of a licensed tattoo artist. A batcher is humble , has made a possitive reputation through skilled delivery of hundreds of tattoos, often meeting or surpassing ,the the expections of their clients, endlessly seeks to improve to an unattainbly high level of artistic ability, and never tattoos against their personal limitations, either to experiment, hope to improve, or for the soul pursuit of monetary or personal gains.
A man or women takes note of their friends new tattoo. It appears almost unbelievably rendered on their skin. When The friend reveals the price of the work, the man or woman knows that their friend must have forgotten or confused the price with something else. Its no mistake, the batcher was talented, able and considerate of his client, offering her a much more realistic price for than all of the shops she had gone to just a week earlier. In fact, it was a friend of hers that, not unlike the curent situation, had explained to her where she had gotten her sleeved legs and beautiful rib tattoos. All the while , the batcher knowing through his many years of experience, that just the first work of art would lead to a second, third and so on. A batcher is not a scratcher,though he is unlicensed or may opperate in states or countries where tattooing is illegal or requires apprenticeships and or other state required licenses or classes. A batcher places the sanitation and cleanliness of their equiptment above all other artistic standards, opens, uses and visibly disposses of the tattoo needle(s) and any other one time use items utilized for thier clients tattoo and has no problem answering the questions or addressing the concerns of the client.
by havier hildago June 08, 2015
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