A black person, or abo, who throws spears at kangaroos and koalas to hunt for food and kills dingos to rescue babies.
"Get out of that back door basso!!"
by billy jean October 3, 2005
A feeling of complete anger or disappointment over something ridiculous
After stubbing my toe I screamed God Dammit Basso
by 3742 December 21, 2010
A specific type of ‘bro’. Usually seen with a baseball cap in the least functional backwards position. Known for breaking cars and then abusing friend privileges to get them fixed. Sucks at putting away tools
by Hercules Rockefeller November 13, 2020
basso is just basso... also known as big bass, bas-terd, he has a mama and a papa bass, known for the typical basso stance.. hand in one pocket and lean on a desk. basso's name will always be praised now matter how much he gets spiked on in volleyball.
eric basso walked into the class and everyone screamed "BASSO!" then mama bass yelled at everyone
by bass hunter February 27, 2011
I heard you were with basso and got gonorrhea.

Yea shit happens.
by niggawhoaintabasso August 1, 2011
A crazy ass bass singer, 90% of the time Russian and over the age of 35, who have a strong and powerful lower range.
What does the voice of god sound like?

Its a basso profondo.
by Bass God December 31, 2014
The cutest bestest greatest doggo in the world. Fluffy and brilliant. If u ever meet one, do all you can to keep him and love him as much as you can!!!!
"Is that a Basso?"
Yeah, you jealous?"
by DogMAst February 27, 2020