Used in the south; Another word for having sex with a girl with no srtings attached
" Yeah my boy got her number but he only wanna Bash"
by Taja December 15, 2004
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n. A shell used in GNU/Linux and Unix systems
He is running bash now.
by Netsrik December 08, 2002
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A type of attack in internet, similar to flame.
That racist troll is bashing me all day, stop bashing me!
by Fakebash August 18, 2010
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Used in da ghetto (gutta)part ov london and sum parts ov England. Meaning boy or brea
1. girl let me tell you dat bash was as peng a hell

2. u wastebash

3. mummy is that a bash or gash tell me im scared

1.girl let me tell you dat boy was so good lookin damn

2.u wasteman= waste of space or bum

3.mummy is that a girl or boy im scared
by rianna-/*aka-/*no nicknme June 16, 2006
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1. to eat a lot of food

2. to eat a small amount of food n a small amount of time.
1. "After the basketball game, I came home and bashed all da food n the refrigerator!"

2. "Dang, u just bought that burger a minute ago. U bashed that shit."
by Asiah January 25, 2005
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In a MMO the World of Warcraft,
Bash is a move (cheap) warrior move in which Your/The character Charges the apponent stunning them.
During or After the Stun,
The warrior then Pwns the Opponent liek a Hax0r

Tsutomu Strikes Again!
Warrior: Hah Bashed you Bi**h
Newblet: WTF i didnt see that one coming!
::Newblet attempts to flee::
::Warrior Charges the Fleeing Newblet::
Warrior: Ha you Newb
Newblet: Foiled Again!?!!?
Newblet: How long is he going to camp me this time...
Ninja: 4 EVA!
::Ninja uses a Zip Line to fly away::
Warrior: WtF was that?
by Tsutomu October 23, 2006
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