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Noun: 1)A derogatory title for someone born and/or raised in a low class neighborhood that may or may not have lived on government assistance most or all of their life; or is depended on illegal means in order to provide for themselves and their family. 2)A person born to a promiscuous parent and/or a parent frequently jailed or imprisoned.
ADJ: Behavior as such above.
"Your man is a Hood Rat."

"Your girl is a Hood Rat."

"You are acting like a Hood Rat."
by LostinGA January 25, 2008

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To verbally attack.
Even though I'm well within my rights to, I'm not about to bash her in this letter.
by LostinGA February 05, 2011

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Fucked up
" They already have four kids they can't afford and he got her knocked up again! "
"Damn yo; that's busted!"
by LostinGA September 18, 2017

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Also known as the S.V., by people who grew up there in the 1990s. A very small city also called Jonquil City, located to the north of Atlanta, GA. Sometimes confused to be Vinings, although Vinings is technically not a city and is only a neighborhood combined of Smyrna and Atlanta. Much of the time, Smyrna is also confused with Marietta, GA because Smyrna is very small and it's hard to figure out when you have entered and left it.
"Where is Smyrna?"

"We just drove through it."

"I thought we were in Marietta."

"We were, but Smyrna is three minutes driving through so we are back in Marietta again."
by LostinGA February 14, 2012

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