a female plastic thing with too-large boobs, too-small waist, and painted on underwear. it is scientifically known that anyone with boobs that large and a waist that small would topple over as soon as they stand up.

i liked to cut all her hair off when i was a kid.
dad: why are there always naked barbies laying around the house??
by pinkslips April 09, 2007
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a stupid plastic whore who broke up w/ ken and is now w/ blaine.. a hot australian surfer
Barbie promotes girls to grow up and be whores! She can't even stay with one boyfriend!
by steph March 24, 2005
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A doll that many women wish they could look like, but is too stupid to realize that Barbie is not real.
Barbie was pissed when she caught Skipper giving a blowjob to Ken. She kicked Skipper's ass, dumped Ken and decided to stay at her best friend, Christie's house.
by Renee May 10, 2003
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some bitch toy whos commercials take up over two thirds of the tv that we watch.
man, i have a good mind to go over to that mofo who created barbie and pop a cap in his ass!
by GrandFunk December 06, 2003
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a 100% fake roll model known as a blonde doll that is annorexic, has oversized plastic boobs and proves you can do anything while wearing heels. Lives in a pink dream home and drives her freakin' pink car, making little girls think that youh can live a dream life even if your blonde and cant remember what you did last night at the club.
Also teaches little girls who to be sluts at very young ages.
hunny your soo fake youh make barbie look real.
by iamamazing94949 April 07, 2008
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The plastic blonde bimbo that captures the hearts of many young girls. She can get her way with anything. She appearently has the greatest boyfriend on earth, the greatest sisters, a new car every week, a new house, including a pool, every month, and even her very own mermaid clone. ect...
I want to be just like Barbie! That bitch has everything!
by Timbolicious January 15, 2008
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as you said, a plastic whore, with twice a human amount of neck.
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
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