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Horrble, addicting, over priced stuffed animals that dictate childrens brains till they become addicted to them and waste millions of dollars on them and then attack their older siblins with them. Not only that, then you get the magic code so you can go on magical webkinz and by magical shit!!!!

NOTE: if you have little siblins and they wont stop annoying you, just threaten to burn their webkinz!! :]
Kid1: i want on webkinz todayy and bought a magic bed for itt
kid2: OMG i got the new tiger snake and on the computer i bought him the jungle themed bedroom!
by iamamazing94949 April 07, 2008
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a 100% fake roll model known as a blonde doll that is annorexic, has oversized plastic boobs and proves you can do anything while wearing heels. Lives in a pink dream home and drives her freakin' pink car, making little girls think that youh can live a dream life even if your blonde and cant remember what you did last night at the club.
Also teaches little girls who to be sluts at very young ages.
hunny your soo fake youh make barbie look real.
by iamamazing94949 April 07, 2008
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