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to take a Xanax pill. Xanax is often referred to as a bar.
"Hey Rich, wanna bar out?"
"Yeah man, lets get f*cked up tonight!"
by BrandonX April 24, 2006
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Mike: "Dude the party last night was fuckin' bar out!"
Tyrone: "I should've com with man."
by Neutral Nandy June 04, 2017
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The NEW definition for bared out is BAR OUT. That white pill that straight fucks you up & at one time it was “THE” drug, can give you the ability to stutter while talking nor being able to walk straight (sometimes) In the moment you’ll be good but next day you gon wake up alll confused n shit! but osrs it’s 2018, who knows what they putting in there anymore 🤷🏽 ♀️
“Ayy Sarai, you feeling the bar yet”
“Yess biitch I’m BAR OUT
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by 420:420:420 December 04, 2018
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