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a term used around the Illinois Central College campus for the past few decades referring to the students that sit in the caged off area. these students usually partake in world of warcraft dungeons and dragons anime and line dancing

often used as an insult to normal people.

uncool students that do not bathe.

students that make out and wear tube tops that over their ugly muffin tops when it is 30 degrees outside.

made popular by brittany
Omg jared... brittany is looking so ugly today. she should sit with the cage kids.

there were some cage kids creepin behind me yesterday.
by lame like betty October 19, 2008

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mistakenly used as a acronym meaning FUCK OFF SHIT HEAD by kewanee high school faculty members of kewanee IL. It actually is derived from for sure, but those idiots don't know anything.

not acceptable for freshmen follies t-shirts.

The principal be hatin on me for talking slang. I told him to FOSH
by lame like betty October 19, 2008

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a sexual act where a group of guys ejaculate into a bowl and then shove a girls head in it.
Betty was getting so turned on watching the guys wrestling team that she asked them if they could baptize her.

I am still trying to wash everything out of my hair from my baptism
by lame like betty January 27, 2009

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1. The act of having intense snuggling between a straight girl and a gay boy (or vice versa) that is just as good as sex.

2. having sex on freshly cleaned laundry. (snuggle the bear?)
Betty: Jared! That was a great nap!
Jared: Yea... we totally snugglefucked

Brittany: I was in the laundry room last night and the hottie in the apartment next to mine came in.
Broc: What happened?
Brittany: We snugglefucked
by lame like betty November 10, 2008

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