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Someone who says or shows themselves to be a fan of a team who has won and gone to the bigtime, or, someone famous who recently died, though they had shown no support for them prior.
After the team won the championship,
the bandwagoneer bought their merchandise and told everybody how great a fan he was and how they "go back a long way."
by Bubba Zanetti March 31, 2005
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1) A person that decides to hop on the band wagon of a popular sports team that is doing good towards the end of the season. Since the teams popularity are high they pretend to be the biggest fans. Be warned they will try to tell you that they have liked that team all along. Do not be fooled by their lies. In some case the Band wagoneer will have no knowledge of the team he likes.

2) Jason Hobert
Clancey : Dude! Check out my new UNC t-shirt! They are sik wit it!
Dunstin : cool man... Who plays point guard for them again?
Clancey: uhh i don't know, smith or jackson or something like that, did you see him against the other team last night, he was on fire.
Dunstin: Your such a Band Wagoneer!
by jay butters April 06, 2009
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A term used to describe those who go out of their way to look and act a certain way in order to fit a social stereo type. An example would be the ever popular "hipster".

The term could also be used to describe a group of people attempting to start a new sub-culture or counter-culture of their own. The pioneers of a new bandwagon trend.
Sure, you could join the "bandwagoneers" or, you could just find your own style.
by cintrix June 28, 2013
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One who claims a state, yet is a fan of a different team from a different state for each sport. Not one team is from the same state. Also known as Carding (named after Stephen Louise Card)
Look at that bandwagoneer over there! He's wearing a Ohio State University hat, New England Patriots Jersey, got Golden State Warriors stickers on his minivan and he's rooting for the Washington Nationals! I thought he's from Washington state 🤔
by YOUR Jumpmaster December 07, 2019
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In college football the act of pulling for a team based solely on the fact that they are in the same Conference as "Your" Team.
Beth: I am a Gamecoks fan and a Tennesee fan. But if neither of them are in the Championship I pull for Alabama.
Ben: Beth your just a Bandwagoneer.
by bcmurphy83 July 15, 2013
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