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A person who starts to support a particular thing (sports, fashion, people, ect) simply because they are trendy or start gaining momentum.
kareem: let's go warriors!

Imran: what a bandwagoner you were rooting for the cavs in the finals last year

Kareem: I don't want to miss out on history.

Imran: that's what you said about Lebron ....

by Jibs July 03, 2016
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A fake fan. Wannabes who want to fit in with whatever's considered popular or hyped in order to gain attention and acceptance. They like something based on the majority of people's interests, not their own. Once that sports team or trend is no longer popular, they will follow whatever is currently considered "cool" or "popular".

Dan: Dude.. weren't you a Lakers fan just a few days ago?
by xxrickyxx May 22, 2012
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someone who only likes a certain thing because its "popular"
Sheila is a band wagoner only likes the dodgers when they're winning and hates them when they are losing
by Shellybelly07 June 24, 2005
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In sports, someone who shamelessly cheers for a particular team not because he likes them or follows them faithfully, but only because that particular team is the "popular" choice or has been or is the top team in their specific sport recently. When that team which bandwagoners follow falls from grace, they gleefully jump on the next teams bandwagon and cheer for that team.
All Lakers fans are bandwagoners, ALL OF THEM, except maybe Jack Nicholson.
by Hashweed June 01, 2004
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A person who starts rooting for a sports team after never having interest in that team or even that sport in general because they're winning and everyone else is rooting for them
Bandwagoner: "Football is stupid" a few months later after the 49ers have made the playoffs... Bandwagoner: "Go 49ers"
by Pussyeater9000 January 22, 2012
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A fan of a particular sports team who had no previous interest in the team until they began winning. They often will claim that they have been "a fan forever." You must discredit them on every statement they make.
Ever since the Anaheim Angels won the World Series their baseball park is full of phony-ass bandwagon fans. That's why I root for the Dodgers.
by Morgan1 June 16, 2005
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