a combination of nanners and banana which both mean the same thing
Yo bitch give me some of your bananers.
by jo balls lisow June 01, 2009
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Using the words Banana and Anal, to describe the action of a banana in your ass, many a time.
That girl likes bananal too much, she's gunna have prolapse....
by Fulmdog November 18, 2008
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1. Banana

2. Bananas

3. A banana

4. The banana

5. The Bananas

6. These bananas

7. Those bananas
Jake: Do you want banan?

Carol: Yes, I love banan

Justine: Cannot deny the power of banan

Kevin: Cannot deny the fortitude of banan
by I<3Banan May 05, 2011
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Portmanteau of banana and anal sex. Of, or relating to, the insertion of bananas into the rectum.
Jeff and I had this amazing bananal sex yesterday!
by Johananal November 20, 2007
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Pronounced: bahh | nahh | nehhhhh

Noun: Banane, Someone acting negligently and/or performing under par in life.

b. Usually refers to a person who is acting contemptibly naive or arrogant, aka a jerk Derived from banana, slang for the male genital. Essentially a more modern usage of dickhead or prick, but as a derogatory adjective.
Example:1) calling a fivefold raise in poker with 2, 7 unsuited and loosing. In the event that said banane wins this hand by pure |Dreck| this person is reffered to as

|scheiss banane |

Example:2) you failed at "Slow Ride" on easy mode in Guitar Hero 3? You BANANE!!!
by Zeroe November 11, 2009
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when you shove a banane up you aSS HOLE NIgGA
Oh yes daddy pig give me the juiCY BANANAL NGHGGHGHGNGHNGHHG
by FLEENSTONES?! December 13, 2016
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Banane/Hannah, is loved by most of her friends. She likes swimming and often has MANY swimmer friends. As soon as she gets to school, everyone just thinks, "BANANE!" Banane will be nice but, if you get on her bad side or get on one of her friends bad side, she will practically hate you. For about 2 days.
*Banane walks into the classroom* Everyone in the class, "BANANE!"

"Hey, isn't that Banane?" "Yeah. AYO! BANANE!" Everyone within earshot "BANANE!"
by Hercules127 December 16, 2020
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