not that good of a skater anymore he soldout big time he gets credit for skating that is due to real skaters like thomas and mullen and reynolds or any of the toher true greats and everyone else who does things for the sport not for themselves he was cool before he soldout and now he is just an ass who yells at people after he falls for touching his board as they try to hand it back to him he is obnoxious and will never be one of the best skaters because honestly what has he done that is great
Rodney Mullen-invented pretty much every flat ground trick
Jamie Thomas-leap of faith and the massive 30+ set he did but snapped his board on
Andrew Reynolds-What can't he do switch that he can do regular
i could go on all day listing true pros that should be getting attention for their talents not their stupidity and lack fo respect for everyone
Bam Margera isnt that good people face it
by Respect To The Real Greats September 10, 2005
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Listen up, Bam isnt the best skateboarder, your right, but he never said he was! He IS better than any of you bashers will ever be though and is so much sexier!! He is not a sellout! WOW hes made shows for mtv, so what? Every musician/actor/ahlete has been on mtv! you arent him, you dont know his mind, dont bash him, based on ur standard of perfection when your some no name loser form anytown usa! You wanna see the real selloutz? look at all the stupid reality shows like the surreal life,, and stuff... they r the sellouts! oh and bam never "Stole Villes tatoos. Ville gave him permission. Spo what if ville is bas idol, I know you have some!
some ppl might have just learned about him or cky becaus eof bam, and they really do like them! thats not being aposer! being aposer is if they really dont like them but just say they do for bam.....who says ur right to judge!?

Bam is great and is a fucking sexgod,!!

Viva La bam rocks!!
Bam is the sexiest man alive!! id love to be jenn!
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younger brother of cky's jess margera. cky was created by jess margera, derron miller, and chad ginsburg. bam just created the stunts and skateboarding videos. bam is an all around awesome guy who beats the shit outta his dad and throws shit at his mom.
"dammit bam! you hit me in the gut!"
-phil margera
by the dastardly one December 30, 2003
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(noun: doofus domesticus)
Bam Margera is a 27 year old (as of 2007) is a professional skateboarder, tv personality (as seen on his show on MTV, Viva La Bam), and overall loser.

As far as we know he has:
a) no real job (if it weren't for the sponsors and his parents he'd be living in a box)
b) no college education
c) barely any high school education (he dropped out because his friend literally smeared his crap on school property and got expelled; Bam did not recieve a high school diploma and to take a test to recieve his GED, under his parents' request.
d) no manners
e) no self-sufficiency skills whatsoever
f) the same goes for common sense
g) up until recently he has been living with his parents, his fat uncle, and his deadbeat friends. He will most likely continue living while freeloading off of his new wife, Melissa Rothstein (let's see how long she survives...)

Dear god, save us.
Let's hope this guy wins a darwin award.
When the majority of mankind is feeling down, as if nothing on earth could be less evolved, it watches Bam Margera to make itself feel better.
by meowfox of doom April 03, 2007
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Overrated high school drop out who made it big from a a piece of wood.
Bam Margera is not entertaining in the least bit except for CKY 2.
by Pat July 17, 2004
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An incredibly pompous tool bag who thinks he is Gods gift to earth. Can only think for himself when it includes hurting other people, destroying public property or being a general pain in the ass to everyone around him. DOES NOT LIVE IN WEST CHESTER. And because of his general lack of respect for public authority and his complete lack of common sense has been literally kicked out of not one but TWO townships and now resides in Popcopson PA, 15 MINUTES outside of West Chester. Cant hold a job, cant rent a hotel room, cant rent cars, and is generally regarded as a pain in everyone's ass and one to avoid completely.But I may be a little bit biased considering he has VOMITED ON MY SHOES!
robin:wtf why is that bam? why is he driving his fucking lame-ass lambo down gay street?? it's a ONE WAY ROAD that's like 100 years old that hasn't been paved since ironhill was woolworths. jesus christ, get a life!

Lizz: I don't care that he's going down Gay St. in his lambo I care that he's going down Gay St. in his lambo THE WRONG WAY!!!!!

Robin: what a REJECT! get out of our town, Bam Margera!
by Robin & Lizz October 13, 2008
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