Urban greeting, affirmation or agreeable gesture.
two people making fist bumps. "balls on balls" said as knucks touch.
by A-team Ame April 18, 2008
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A unit of measuring time; it lies somewhere between "brief" and "just a moment"
Bro 1: "This machine is going balls to balls right now."
Bro 2: "Man, that is fast dude. That's some kind of record."
Bro 1: "Dude..."
by Major Bingus May 7, 2015
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when a penis is sitting in boxers and/or briefs for a long period of time creating sweat due to the vast movement bouncing from 'ball to ball'
' my name is Naquesha and i went to give my boyfriend Labrontalmello head but then i rememebered he played some b-ball, some one on one with his brotha Lamatrell so his dick was all sweaty from bouncin from ball to ball'
by the ye-ah twins August 6, 2004
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"Ball end" is a catchphrase that involves adding the word "ball" to the end of various body parts, often for humorous effect. The catchphrase is said to have originated from Ayden Kang, who popularized it on social media.

For example, "headball" would refer to head, and "noseball" to the nose. The catchphrase is often used to create silly or absurd descriptions of body parts or actions, and can be used as a playful way to make jokes or lighten the mood in a conversation. It can also be used as a form of slang or inside joke among friends.

While the catchphrase may not be appropriate in all situations, it can be a fun and lighthearted way to add humor to everyday conversations. Just be sure to use it with care and respect for others, and be mindful of any potential cultural or social sensitivities.
You can use this like this. My little cousin loves to kick soccer balls with his feetballs : Ball end (-ball). Which means "my little cousin loves to kick soccer balls with his feet"
by Minjoon February 28, 2023
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Ball-Dick-Ball is the act of pulling one's penis down as far as it goes. The next step is difficult and possibly hurtful. It involves pulling one's balls up to either side of the severely elongated dick. Then cover the knob and top of the shaft with your hand, the scene should resemble three lovely coconuts standing in a row.
As part of the dick showing game, the result of an individual looking at the Ball-Dick-Ball is 20 punches to the arm
Damn man my arm hurts so fucking bad... should never have looked at that guys Ball-Dick-Ball
by the goochburger June 21, 2009
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When a bitch be so fascinated wit' yo balls she be playin' round wit' em like she in vegas on a slot machine. or some shit. You think there be some ma'fuckin' lights and all them casino noises goin' off, the way she be actin'. Bitch think she gone won the damn jackpot, an' shit. Crazy bitch. Damn...
Yo, I jus' kicked it las' night while my bitch be playin' balls balls balls.
by B-Diggbigitty February 1, 2008
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1. feeling enthusiasm

2. to an extreme degree
1. I'm balls over balls about this week being over.

2. You are balls over balls out of your depth here.
by Cookers February 8, 2009
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