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1. The emoticon using a colon and the number three.

2. Lucas Zimmerman from the band Paradise Fears
1. OMG, THAT'S SO CUTE! Ballface
2. Ballface Zimmerman still hasn't tweeted me back.
by YKYATW January 05, 2012
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A complete fucking douche bag. One who is so full of themselves, they wear their balls on their face.
Person 1: Dude, do you know that Jim Hedican? He is such a ball face. And an assbastard.
by Tlaloc November 13, 2007
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A insulting retort to one ignorance or rudeness
-Hey Jon, will you stop humping Cris and Sammy like a wild mammal??
-Shut up you ballface!
by JonCarter August 26, 2004
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This is a term refering to a person who has had BALLS written on their forehead while sleeping.
Example1: In the movie Garden State the main character gets doped up and wakes up with BALLS written on his forehead in permenant marker
Example2: My friend Mellisa (ball-face) who fell asleep while watching garden state, thus requiring us to endow her with the same marking.
"Gee, ball-face (Mellisa) hasn't called me in forever..." friend-"Maybe its cause you keep calling her ball-face?"
by Brian March 07, 2005
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a term for one who is a constant teabagger.
Dude emily was such a ballface with the 3 guys.
by norman August 28, 2004
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