one who is of amazing skill playing basketball
baller= baller ben
damn that baller ben kid just totally broke that one kid's ankles. damn
id hit that
by TOB fo eva March 01, 2005
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someone with god like talent on the basketball court. Other players worship and try to be like him. Mike Waite is the perfect example of a baller.
MIKE WAITE is a baller!!
by #Ballerintraining May 31, 2011
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israel reyes is the farthest away you can find find a real baller because he sucks ass at basketball.
by J-Dizzle September 25, 2004
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1. One who plays ball.
2. One who exudes similar qualities to a ball player, including skill, confidence, charisma, and a generally cool attidude.
3. A Bad Ass
"Look at his bicycle kick, that guy's a baller. "
"See how she catches the MnM's in her mouth, that chick's a baller"
by J Hammer April 20, 2006
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a person who plays the sport of paintball, in the speedball aspect of it, has tons of gear, tons of stickers, lots of close friends, even more enimies, knows how to mow face
tony is such a baller, hes got the markus neilson flex 8s

man, that kid mowed face in that last game, hes straight up ballen

did you see that kids gearbag, yeah, if it went into a pool, it would sink like the titanic hes got so much in it
by j nizzle November 25, 2006
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