The game has some realy grea sfx aswhell!
by dipso January 7, 2004
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short for "solve for x" as in problem solve, find a solution.
What do you mean your wifi isn't working? Give it to me, I'll SFX it.
by tikikenny September 23, 2010
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The most cool and brilliant magazine EVAR. They keep printing one of the writers topless. And placing someone/something on the front cover strategically so that the title appears to be "SEX". I swear they do that on purpose.

Oh, yeah, and it's about science fiction or something.
"Why are you reading a porno mag in school?"
"*sigh* For the last time, it's called SFX. And while we're at it, you can stop laughing at the 'Frodo was tense, erect' line in Lord of the Rings."
by Carol Anne Parma September 27, 2006
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Known to lag people out of vents because of his excessive talking,
SFX Wyld has left the server
TMA Doncaster: Kitaro must have been talking to much
TMA Golobulus: AHH I got killed my a NIGGER JEW!!! AHH NIGGERIZED
TMA Jonno: :Muffle::Muffle:
TMA Doncaster: WTF?
SFX Zero has left the server
SFX Kitaro has joined the Channel
by 565452345 November 20, 2006
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The whistle sound a bomb makes as it is spiraling towards earth
He admitted to cheating then told me that he was going to marry her. SFX Bomb Drop
by Kelooki December 29, 2009
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Person 1. Hi
SFX Network = SHIT
by KOINISNOICE July 18, 2020
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Person 1. HI i just bought a VA
FLynn: Scammed hahaha
Person 1. cryes
Flynn: Banned
by KOINISNOICE July 18, 2020
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