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Ballerness is the state of performing in athletics or sex at such a high level that kenyans and porn stars can't touch you're skillz. Such Ballerness is exuded by Michael Jordan, Mike McLaughlin and Devon Bennett.

Yo Ray, you can't miss a three today, you're ballerness is at a maximum.
by Midsy February 09, 2009
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Used to describe a male with extremely large balls and figuratively to refer to one who is highly attractive and a complete rockstar at work.

Ballerness is typically identified by receipt of packages, gifts, compliments and suggestions for reproduction on a regular basis.
Joel Ching-Ran Wong is the definition of ballerness.

His ballerness is what gets him a constant stream of gifts and compliments.
by lardee December 15, 2011
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To exude a certain level of hood class. Also do be so fly it looks like your a real Baller.
The homies rims have a ballerness about them.
by Hexplosive January 30, 2007
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