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once apon a time there was a happy little sausage, who's name was baldrick, he lived happily ever after.

the end

( if you dont get it, go and borrow the dvd )
blackadder:whats your first name baldrick?
balders:could be soddoff sir..
balders:because when i used to introduce my self to the other kids when i was little, i would say " hello my name is baldrick !", and they would say "we know... sodoff baldrick !"
by bob ! December 29, 2003
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Noun: From the popular character Baldrick in Britis sitcom Blackadder. Baldrick's defining feature is a kind of innocent stupidity. Therefore, someone who makes honest mistakes on a regular basis might be described as a baldrick"
"Blackadder:Baldrick, what are you doing?
Baldrick: I'm carving something on this bullet sir.
Blackadder: I see. And What are ou carving?
Baldrick: I'm carving Baldrick sir.
Baldrick: Well, you know how they say that somewhere out there, there's a bullet with yur name on it, I thought if I owned thee hullet with my name on it I'd be safe, because I'll never shoot myself...
Blackadder: really? Pity...
Baldrick:...and the chances of there being two bulletes with my name on are very slim indeed."

Anyone capable of this kind of idiocy is a potential baldrick.
by Sam Baynham November 28, 2003
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1: A sash-like belt usually for holding a sword, or in later years magazines/pouches of gunpowder

2: Scruffy, dimwitted and diminutive sidekick of various incarnations of Edmund Blackadder from the BBC comedy of the same name noted for his 'cunning plans'. Played by the actor Tony Robinson

3: anyone who resembles said character
Who's that little git over there?
Oh, thats the office "Baldrick"...OI Baldrick coffee, 2 sugars!
by Kynth March 22, 2008
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1) A comedic character on the British Comedy "Black Adder".

2) An overly dramatic twist in a story, usually having someone die suddenly; pulling out of a story suddenly; being overly dramatic (i.e. "pulling a").
Baldrick: I'm leaving! This is crap! *dies suddenly by a large 40 foot pillar thrown at him from some giant he was fighting*
Friend 1: GAH! He pulled YET ANOTHER BALDRICK!
Friend 2: He'll be back in a week.
Friend 3: Ya, I bet he's hitting "refresh" right now.
by Godfather Baldrick October 03, 2006
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The only thing to have been in the Blackadder family longer than Syphilis.
"Baldrick, I suggest you make the explanation you are about to give phenomenally good."
"You said 'Get the door.' "
"Not good enough, you're fired."
by The Alsatian October 27, 2015
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