A fun-having, fun-looking dirty boy. Like a really rowdy boy. Just a dirty boy. Just a rowdy, dirty boy. A true rowdy boy.
Person 1: Wow, that kid's really ... something else.
Person 2: Well, he's Bakugou so ... yeah.
by RaeBan August 21, 2017
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An angry gremlin pomeranian everybody is horny for
Person 1: Bakugou can use his explosions on me and I would thank him
Person 2: Honestly, same
by leefbreeze February 04, 2020
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A Very Angry Boy who’s superpower is explosions. Hes beautiful and his boyfriend loves him very much.
“Bakugou kept fighting even though he won the sports festival! What is that about??”

“It’s something about his honor. I dunno, go ask Kirishima he knows everything about him.”
by Kirishima! March 19, 2019
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A very angry boi who is secretly dating shark boi. He also tends to beat the absolute shit out of poor broccoli boi
Person: Wow that is an angry boi.
Me: Well he's Bakugou sooo..
by Chilli~💜 July 13, 2019
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A angry dude whos very sparky. Poor man is a top victim when it's comes to shipping *cri* anyway he's friends with a green boi that he beats the crap out but their working on that so don't worry and his group has a shark, amp cord, pikachu and a thing of tape. the true question is bakugou a bottom or a top? (Totally don't search that up in the urban dictionary)
1:Hey it's bakugou! How's ur bf Kiri?
2:HA! Don't be silly he's dating deku!
3:no it's shoto
4:no it's toga
5NOHwbz-(list goes on)
by IcyThot November 01, 2019
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