In hungarian means "soldier" or "footsoldier".
Captain: Mozgás baka! (Move soldier!)
Baka: Igen uram! (Yes sir!)
by Segmentis March 15, 2008
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idiot. (its been said)
not the best thing to say in front of your nihongo sensei, especially if it's directed at her
by agent cyanide March 31, 2003
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"and if she's persistent... baka! baka! baka!" -Notorious BIG, "Gimme The Loot"
by the_engineer September 24, 2006
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Is what my parents used to call me as a child. Japanese word that translates to idiot, dumb ass, dumb shit, fool, stupid person, numb nuts, nit wit, bonehead, ass wipe, dip shit, nimrod, retard, or knucklehead.
When I got hit by a car on my bicycle my dad said to me "Baka!!!!!"
by mechanikoman March 07, 2009
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Said by Excalibur from the anime and manga soul eater alot it means fool, or idiot
"Baka what right do u have to pick a number"

by Excalibur is kool August 12, 2011
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