commonly said to be the Japanese word or idiot but can also be used as the nickname for a male with the given name of Dylan.
"Look, it's Baka (Dylan)"
by MzMario28 January 20, 2010
baka means "I love you my idol". if you ever see someone you like, be sure to call them your amazing baka!!
you: omg oli London baka are you korean or Japanese today?
oli London: no senpai baka I am jimin today
by gay_bakauwu March 26, 2021
The sound a chicken makes.
Nothing else.
As the sun rose, the rooster crowed, and the deer drank at the pond, the little chickens in their henhouse went, "BAK BAK BAKAAA MOFO"
Tylko wrócę do domu po bakę i idziemy na osiedle. (I'll just get back home to get some baka and we'll head to the projects.
by makskr July 11, 2015
japanese word used that means idiot, dumb, or fool.
How did you get that question wrong, you're such a baka.
by kidkun April 29, 2021